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Gold Valley Consulting provides advisory services to small businesses, nonprofits and government entities.


Cristina Baldor, Managing Director  


I've spent over ten years working in business management and operational roles at nonprofits and government agencies, most recently in leadership positions at the University of Miami and previously at the City of New York and at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  I am a proud graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, and attended New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service for my Master's degree.

My favorite projects usually involve nerdy Excel tricks and creating beautiful presentations. Most of my work is geared toward helping organizations function effectively, even and especially after I leave the day-to-day functions in the hands of their full-time employees. I also write and manage translations for a weekly corporate newsletter reaching 1,500 employees all over South America. You can find my full resume here.

In my free time I enjoy yoga, writing, and not living through Northeastern winters anymore. I'm always willing to do a free consultation over the phone to talk about a potential client's needs and to see if I can help.